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Beating mildew

Shower curtains

Shower curtains are used around shower units fitted over bathtubs in order to prevent water splashing out over the floor and walls.

So you have managed to prevent the water going on the bathroom floor, but you have started to notice those horrid white and green powder-like spots creeping up the sides of your fabric shower curtain (particularly around the plastic liner)? You have mildew! – A yucky mold that literally feeds off the surface it has chosen to inhabit. What do you do?

For one, leave the curtain fully spread along the rails when you have finished in the shower. With a larger surface area exposed, the air should dry it a lot faster. When the fabric curtain is bunched up it not only takes longer to dry but bacteria can begin to grow in the creases. You can speed up the drying process by opening a window or switching on the bathroom’s fan to keep the air moving and discourage the formation of mildew.

Oh and one other thing you can do is remove the bottom hem which fastens that awful plastic liner to the curtain – now there is no pocket for the water to build up and sit in!

To get rid of mildew already there, zap your shower curtain with one of these three concoctions after having dried, brushed, and shaken it outside. Please note before performing any of these washes try a color fastness test.

1. For light mildew, blast it with a bit of lemon juice and a little salt – rubbing vigorously. With the juice still on, leave the shower curtain in the sun for some natural bleaching. Then give it a quick rinse.

2. Add 1tbl spoon of bleach (chlorine free) to a pint of tepid warm water. Soak the stained area for a good hour with a little in between scrubbing– and then rinse off.

3. For tougher mildew stains, add 2tbl spoons of chlorine bleach with two pints of warm water – soak the shower curtain for about half and hour and then give it a good rinse.



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