Shower Curtain Rods - What's Available?

Brass, Nickel, Chrome and Gold Options

Shower curtain rods

Shower curtain rods are fixed to the wall or ceiling above the bathtub and around the shower unit to support the shower curtain. They are usually attached to wall by brackets which are screwed into the wall and which the rail simply slots into. If the wall is too soft and crumbly then you may wish to consider a purchasing a shower curtain rod that attaches to the ceiling joists.

Shower stalls can be fitted with a shower curtain across one open side if there is not enough room to have a door. Units installed in the corner of the bathroom over the tub require a rail with two sides (the classic “L” Shape). For shower units that are in the center of the wall over the tub, three-sided shower curtain rods (Neo-angle) are needed to prevent water splashing out onto the floor.

A number of finishes are available - brass, nickel, chrome or gold. The cheapest option is plastic which also has the advantage of being very light. However these do not look as smart as metal shower curtain rails. Aluminum is a very light metal which would be suitable for use in a bathroom where the walls are often too soft to support a heavier made rail. Those who would prefer a colored shower curtain rod could consider buying a steel rail with an enamel finish. These are offered in a range of colors (and sometimes can be customized) perfect for those who need a rail that matches their bathroom color scheme.

Curved or crescent shower curtain rods are designed to curve out over the edge of the tub creating more space inside the shower area. The shower curtain tucks inside the tub preventing water splashing out. The rod curves out about half a foot over the edge of the bathtub at the center and curves inwards at the corners to prevent water escaping. This type of rail is very popular and is designed to fit oval or standard tubs.

Hoop shower rods are ideal for free-standing bathtubs that are not attached to a wall. The shower rod looks similar to a basketball hoop as it attaches to the wall and comes out in straight lines away from the wall and then forms a rectangular hoop over the tub. The hoop is fixed to the ceiling at the opposite end to where it attached to the wall.

If you are reluctant to have anything permanent, in other words you do not want to have any drill or screw marks because you maybe renting the property – try tension shower rods. These have springs on the ends to create tension so they are held in place without needing to be screwed in. Completely adjustable these will fit over any tub or shower stall.



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