Shower Curtain Hooks: What's available?

Curtain hook repair

Shower curtains hooks

Shower curtain hooks or rings are needed to attach the shower curtain to the rail. These usually have a ring which threads on to the rail and a hook which attaches to this and the eyelets / grommets on the curtain.

Matching shower curtain rods and hooks can usually be bought together. For instance a shower rod with a brass finish can be bought with matching brass shower hooks. Shower curtain hooks can also be bought to match the curtain. For instance a curtain with an animal theme may have matching rings with animal heads on them for decoration. These are particularly fun for kids' shower curtains.

Basic plastic shower curtain rings which thread through the eyelets on the curtain and clip onto the shower rail are cheap and convenient. However uniquely-styled, decorative shower curtain hooks can be bought which are designed to be ornamental as well as merely practical. Dual shower curtain rings allow you to hang two curtains from the same rod - one decorative, outer curtain and another plastic plain liner to guard against splashes and mildew.

Shower Hook Tear Through

Too often we pull way to hard ripping right through the eyelet of the curtain. What if you don’t want to throw you curtain away?

For one you can position a piece of clear duct tape over the ripped hole, and then place another over for good measure, then punch hole through this.

Two, and this is often advised with kids shower curtains, reinforce the hole with the clear duct tape before any rips occur. In accordance with this you may want to punch an extra hole at each end and put the hook through both doubling the strength of what is often the “weakest link.”

Three – if worse comes to worse staple it. The rings will hide any evidence of your tampering.



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