Curtain Rings - Hanging Curtains Using a Pole

Curtain rings are decorative rings that attach curtains to rods or poles. They can be plain wooden or brass rings which match the curtain rod or they can be unusual and complex designs which catch the eye. The rings thread onto the curtain poles and have smaller rings attached to them which the curtain hooks slot onto. The hooks thread through the back of the top of the curtain. This type of curtain support leaves the pole and rings exposed so they should be pleasing to the eye and fit in with the rest of the interior decoration in the room. Curtain poles usually come with matching rings; however you may try using different rings for contrast or interest. Curtain rings can be bought separately but make sure that they are at least half an inch larger in diameter than the rod.

Other means of attaching the curtains to the pole include metal eyelets in the curtain with ties, fabric tabs, a pocket at the top of the drape for the rod to slot through, or clip on curtain rings. Eyelets are made of brass or chrome and are about half an inch in diameter allowing ties made of rope or ribbon to go through. Wide tabs made of fabric can be sewn on or have a button attachment to allow the curtains to be taken down more easily. The tabs or ties can be made of the same fabric or a contrasting material and color can be used. Another option is to use clips which go round the pole and hold the top of the curtain. It is not possible to open the curtains using this method of attachment. Likewise if you sew a pocket onto the top of the curtain for the rod to slide through, you will not be able to open the curtains, so this method works best for sheer curtains which do not shut out the daylight. Clip on curtain rings can be clipped onto the rod or pole once it is installed making it easier to change the rings whenever you want.

When installing your curtain rod or pole, leave one curtain ring on each end outside the curtain pole brackets. Slip these over the ends of the pole before attaching the curtain finials. This stops the curtains being drawn all the way across the window when you want to close them.










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