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The majority of people go for ready-made curtains rather than custom curtains because of the convenience and the price. Curtains that are straight off the peg and ready to go can be ordered, delivered and be up on your window within 24 hours, but custom curtains take time to produce. Likewise mass production reduces costs so ready-made curtains are cheaper than having them custom made. Curtains come in standard sizes that suit most buildings - new houses are built to standard specifications. Some period houses may have odd shaped windows or doorways which require curtains to be made to fit them. Ceilings were much higher in houses from the Victorian era, so curtains need to be much longer than required in a modern house.

Ready-made curtains come in many styles with matching curtain accessories. One style that is popular is the swag style with material draped across the top of the window frame covering the top of the curtains. Ready-made net curtains cover the window to ensure privacy while letting in light. Ready-made curtains can be bought lined or unlined. Lining curtains adds weight and thickness. This makes them better at keeping the heat in and the light out. The added weight makes them hang better and not move about in a breeze as much. However ready-made lined curtains are slightly pricier than unlined.

Buying ready-made curtains online is as simple as point and click. Search through different colours, fabrics and styles to find curtains that are suitable for your home and then add them to your shopping cart. Purchase your goods online with your credit or debit card and they will be delivered to your door.















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