Net Curtains - An Overview

Washing Net Curtains

Net curtains

Net curtains are the suburban choice for keeping nosy neighbors out while allowing the light in. Interior fashion has never moved away from the need for bright airy rooms and net curtains can help achieve this feel.

What are net curtains?

They are made from fabric with an open weave pattern which is usually a netting pattern, as the name suggests. They are usually white or cream and usually used as an under curtain with heavier curtains that can be drawn over the top. They stay over the window all the time and are not raised, removed or drawn. Ready made net curtains are readily available over the Net or from department stores. White won't fade in the sunshine – and is probably the most popular choice.

Net window curtains can be made of voile (a lightweight translucent fabric made from cotton or man-made fibers), cotton, muslin or nylon. The cheapest ones are made of nylon. Muslin panels are an alternative to net window curtains. Muslin is a flimsy plain cotton fabric which makes an ideal window dressing. Nets can either have a plain net –like pattern or have motifs and more elaborate patterns interwoven - similar to those found in lace.

Washing net curtains

These need to be hand-washed - they are quite delicate so it is best not to put them in a machine. There are detergents designed for brightening net curtains on the market – this stops and repairs any discoloring. Net curtains can look quite drab after a while and they do collect dust so they should be washed regularly.










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