Kid's Curtains - Brighten a Child's Room

Decorating with kids in mind

Kids curtains

Kids curtains brighten up any child's room, adding fun flair to any decorating scheme. Long gone are the days of boring old fabric; today kids curtains come in a wide assortment of colors, themes and zany patterns.

Try to stick to shorter curtains such as valances and café curtains rather than floor-length drapes when outfitting your child's bedroom or playroom; this makes it easier to vacuum the floor without having to worry about sucking up the curtains. Keeping the curtains short prevents younger children from reaching, hanging on, or tearing down the material. It is also less likely that your child will trip over a short curtain when running around.

Relatively inexpensive and machine washable, cotton is the preferred fabric when choosing kids curtains. Smudgy fingers and crumbs often gravitate to everything in a young child's path, so try to refrain from hanging flimsy, expensive fabrics in your child's windows.

When choosing curtains, keep in mind that kids grow quickly, resulting in constantly changing likes and dislikes. What your child prefers at age seven will probably be completely different from what he or she wants a year later.

A good tip to keep in mind when choosing and budgeting for any child's décor is to avoid trends, which can rapidly lose favor. Try to choose a style that is sure to stick around for some time; for example, decorating with trendy cartoon characters or the latest hot pop group can backfire if they lose popularity.

Kids curtains come in such a wide variety of styles that it is nearly impossible not to find something to suit both parent and child. Try curtains printed with ballerinas for your little dancer, classic cartoon characters for your budding film critic and sports teams for the future athlete. Younger children might benefit from an alphabet or circus theme, which allow for any color choice.

Of course, any set of kids curtains are livened up with fun accessories; use baseball bats instead of curtain rods for a sports-theme room or hang a pair of ballet slippers or a cowboy hat on the end of the curtain rod.

Most major department stores and national retail chains offer child-themed bedding and curtains. If you can't find exactly what you want, why not make your own? Decorating curtains can be a fabulous activity to be shared by parent and child. Why not tie-dye a set of curtains on a rainy day or head outside to enjoy the sunshine and print curtains with hand-prints or paint splatters? Remember, use washable and water soluble paint to keep cleanup easy.




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