Kids Shower Curtains

Keeping bath time fun

Kids shower curtains

Brighten up your children's bathroom with kids' shower curtains designed to engage a level of fun that the standard run of the mill curtains just don’t qualify for. The amounts of choices available to parents today are staggering – from “Shaggy and his best pal Scooby” to animated under water and alphabet scenes. But whether you choose “Thomas the Tank Engine” or “Disney’s The Little Mermaid” try and stick to vinyl and polyester.

For one the slick vinyl sticks to the sides of the tub or stall – so there’s none of that flopping about, meaning the water stays exactly where it’s supposed to!

Secondly, kids shower curtains made out vinyl are greatly affordable. This means that when “purple” becomes the new “pink” you won’t have price tags running through your head and will be more willing to go with the flavor of the month – all with the intention of keeping bath time fun. The affordability factor also means that when the polyester begins to show signs of mildew or becomes dulled from soap scum you will be more willing to replace the curtain. With that said though, you will probably find that kid’s shower curtains made out of vinyl are very easy to wipe down.

You might not want to stop at the kids shower curtain though – by keeping bath time fun you end up saving a lot of energy usually spent on “nagging” and “coaxing.”

So why not keep things bright!

Carry the theme of fun into other areas of the bathroom – a non slip bath mat in the shape of a huge doggie paw, a set of towels with their favorite super hero, “no tears” shampoo (you have no idea how grateful mothers are for this!) and sponges and face cloths in a whole array of shapes and colors.

Back to the whole sponges thing – you can make your own templates and then once you have transferred these cut ‘em out. One thing that would really keep kids occupied is a series of “sponge jigsaw puzzles!”

Make bath time “story time” and perhaps play one using a portable radio (batteries of course!) Or rev up the energy levels and play some fun music!




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