Curtain Finials - Finishing Your Curtain Rods

Curtain finials slot onto the end of curtain rods for ornamental purposes and to stop the end curtain rings from sliding off the end of the curtain poles. Most poles come with matching finials and some poles have finials that are part of the pole and can not be removed. Generally though finials can be removed and changed around so you may wish to experiment with different finials on your curtain rods. Ornate, unusual curtains finials can dress up a plain window treatment but too many different styles together may clash so avoid overdoing your window furnishings.

Finials are available in different designs and materials. Plain finials such as a smooth, round ball can be bought in brass or wood to match the pole. Frost glass balls can be attached to metal curtain poles. Wrought iron can be bent into intricate patterns creating eye-catching designs. Flamboyant medieval designs in brass or bronze give a dramatic twist to your window decorations. Curtain finials can also be attached to the end of metal curtain tiebacks which are fixed to the wall and hook round the curtain to hold back away from the window. It is usually best to go for matching finials on the ends of the pole and the tiebacks to avoid overcomplicating the decor.

















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