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Discount curtains

Many people are surprised to find that one of the most expensive accessories when decorating a window is the curtain itself. It's true; even a little bit of fabric can be expensive once it's tailored, hemmed and packaged for sale as a curtain. But with a little knowledge and a set of discount curtains, anyone can outfit a house without going broke.

Curtains vary so dramatically in price, style and quality that anyone can find what they want while still remaining cost conscious. Remember that the more area you need the more money you should plan to spend. For example, long panels and drapes can be more expensive than short shades and valances.

How much cash is required also depends on the type of fabric you plan to hang in your window. Velvets, wools, brocades and other lush fabrics can be very pricy. On the other hand, silk, crepes and sheers can also require quite a bit of money. Your best bet when searching for low prices is to turn to simple fabrics such as cotton, polyester and percale blends. Keep in mind, however, that these fabrics are more prone to fading when exposed to sunlight. Cost also increases when embellishments, embroidery and other decorative aspects are added.

If you know how to work a sewing machine, or simply consider yourself crafty, sometimes the best discount curtains are the ones you make yourself. Buying raw fabric is cheaper than buying finished curtains; all it takes is some concentration and a sewing needle to cut and hem them to size. Visit your local fabric and craft store to browse through their pattern books; you might find something you like.

Sometimes the best deals can be found by buying your fabric in bulk. This can be great if you have numerous or extremely large windows. Purchase your fabric wholesale or visit a factory outlet store. Or go the simple route and hang a patterned or brightly colored sheet in a window; no hemming required.

National retail chains and superstores are a great resource for finding discount curtains. With a wide variety of choices and complete assortment of accessories, these retail stores can offer unbelievably low prices. Frequent the clearance sections or wait for store-wide sales before making your decision.







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