Designer Shower Curtains - Step-by-step

Design and make your own

Designer curtains

Today’s designer shower curtains are going to be coming from someone who knows exactly the sort of thing you are looking!

To start on your first bathroom designer curtains, you will need to have the following at hand:

1. 2 sheets of terrycloth. Ideally you wan them to be quite large – we are talking roughly 40” by 72”

2. A plastic curtain liner in the same dimensions

3. A dozen Eyelet sets

4. Tools – sewing machine, a good pair of scissors, hammer & glue gun

5. Designer Shower Curtain Décor

Appliqués – these are fabrics that are cut into various shapes that are able to be sewn on to the terry cloth.




First, lay the two sheets of terry cloth next to each other. You want to stitch all the way along the “long side” – the idea is to have one long sheet.

The eyelets are then added. Fold over the long edge so it extends down about an inch and a half. Along this fold you want to insert a pin (this is where eyelets will go - sometimes known as grommets) all the way along – with one appearing every 6”

Place a mark on the terrycloth where the pins are.

Now you want to fix the eyelets on to your designer bathroom shower curtain. Place on the mark and then secure each one with another eyelet on the other side of the terrycloth. You will have to use the eyelet tool, a sturdy base and a sturdy hammer to secure them to the fabric. All done? Just 11 more to go!

Now you can use a few sequins, pieces of ribbon and a couple of appliqués to create a brilliant piece of artwork – exactly what your bathroom was looking for. If you are really patient you can hand sew beads into a pre-decided picture.

All that’s left now is to secure the liner to keep mildew away.



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