Curtain Brackets

Working with brackets

Curtain brackets

Curtain rod brackets are used for fixing the rods or poles which will be used to support the curtains to the wall. Usually brackets are bought with the curtain pole to ensure they fit the pole correctly and match the rod’s color or style.

However it is possible to purchase brackets, finials and curtain rings separately – and work towards creating a more personal look.

Curtain rod brackets are fitted into the wall, window frame or ceiling depending on what is going to give the best support. Wall fittings are the most common but if the wall is too soft to support the weight of the pole and the curtains, then consider screwing the brackets into the window frame or the ceiling. For recess windows you can get brackets that slot over the end of the pole in matching colors and styles so they are less noticeable. Alternatively use wooden brackets with a U shape for the rod to slot into and paint the wood the same shade as the wall so it blends in.

When installing the brackets, it is important to follow the manufacturers' instructions as different designs require different set of procedures. Wooden brackets usually have a metal plate that is screwed on to the wall and then the bracket screws on to the plate. When deciding where to place the brackets, use a steel tape measure to measure the correct distance and use a soft pencil to mark where the holes should be drilled. Space should be allowed either side of the window so the curtains can be pulled back away from the window frame. Leave about 4" above the window frame. See our section on curtain poles for more information on how to install rods with brackets.












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