Bamboo Curtains - Aloha inspired accessory

Uses, styles and installation

Bamboo curtains

Bring the spirit of aloha into your home with hand-painted bamboo curtains. As a souvenir of a magical vacation in Hawaii, or simply a style choice, bamboo curtains are an attractive accessory in any home. What’s so great about this material is that it is an environmentally-friendly, and because bamboo grows very quickly it is a realistically replenish able resource.

This beautiful, lightweight material is ideal for attractive curtains all round the house. People use them as door curtains, window curtains, wall hangings or put them over a closet instead of doors. Bamboo curtains are not commonplace and are often only stocked by specialist vendors.

Hand painted bamboo curtains

Bamboo curtains bring a touch of the tropics into your home. Their Hawaiian origins are reflected in some of the designs available: a crouched surfer riding a wave, a palm tree in front of a setting sun, or a dancing hula girl wearing a lei. The curtains are made of pieces of bamboo which are about half inch wide and are stuck together to form a surface for hand-painting or printing a design on. They are attached to a wooden slat which runs across the top and has eyelets to make the curtains easy to put up. Other designs that would appeal to children in particular are available such as mermaids or animals such as cats or dolphins.

Beaded bamboo curtains

Long, cylindrical bamboo beads are strung together on threads and attached to a wooden slat across the top. Bamboo is easy to dye and different-colored beads are used on the strands to form a pattern. As bamboo is lightweight it is a good material for making door curtains. The hollow beads make a knocking noise as they are moved by the wind or by someone brushing through the strands aside – an unobtrusive and somewhat calming sound.

How to install bamboo curtains

Installing bamboo curtains is not a complicated process as they are usually attached to a wood frame with eyelets. Hold up the frame and make sure it is level above the door or window where it is to go. It is better to do it by eye in case the door or window frame is not completely level. Mark where the curtain hooks need to go with a pencil and then hammer in the hooks in. The curtain eyelets should fit over hooks. You may need to trim your curtain to fit the doorway or window. Trim carefully - do not take too much off, if you take too little off you can always trim some more off but once you have gone too far you can not stick it back on!







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