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Silestone countertops

Silestone is a brand of quartz countertops engineered by the Spanish company Cosentino. They are the largest producers of quartz surfaces in the world, and although Silestone has only been distributed in the United States since 1998 they now account for 75% of all quartz sold here.

Consentino is the manufacturer of Silestone natural quartz slabs which are extracted then processed to add color while retaining the quartz's natural properties in the making of kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, floors and more.

Silestone has 45 engineered color varieties of natural quartz – the largest choice of any quartz countertop brand available in the United States. Silestone’s countertop surfaces are non-porous because due to the stone’s natural density and because of the small amount of resin used in their manufacture. This means they never have to be sealed or polished, like granite and marble slab surfaces. It also means there is less chance of acidic liquids spilled on the surface leaving a permanent stain.

Various edgings can be created on Silestone countertops to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Some of their edging styles include square, rounded, inlay and bullnose.

Latest Developments

Very soon Silestone will have another ace up their sleeve, with the introduction of the exclusively engineered Microban system, which combats the growth of bacteria on their quartz surfaces. Released in 2005, Silestone is the only countertop to have this patented system. This article is now available - click on link above. Microban has been proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria which can cause stains and odors. And Microban’s antimicrobial agent is not just on the surface. It is contained within the structure of the countertop itself – so it cannot be washed off and will remain active for the life of the product.















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