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Formica countertops

Formica is an American company founded in 1913 that specializes in solid surfacing solutions, including countertops. In fact, the brand name Formica is so internationally famous that it is often the first word you think of in relation to surfacing of countertops. The variety of colors, textures and glosses available in Formica’s kitchen laminate range is massive and is constantly increasing. From neutral and bright colors, to wood grain styles and imitation metal laminates – there is sure to be something in Formica’s vast range that will appeal to your sense of style and make the most of your kitchen.

Formica is a plastic laminate surface that is made from layers of paper impregnated with resin which is bonded to form sheets under high temperatures and pressures. These sheets can be bought from your local Formica dealer and attached to your hard kitchen surfaces as needed.

Formica Countertops - Installation and Painting

The beauty of Formica is that it is possible to install it yourself. However installing Formica is a process of several steps, involving adhesive substances, accurate measuring and cutting and careful attention to detail, so unless you are confident in your DIY abilities it is best to seek professional installation help.

Painting over the top of Formica countertops is not recommended by the manufacturer. However, there are many people who have achieved successful results painting over Formica. If you choose to do this you should be careful to sand the surface very well before painting with water-based paint and then apply at least three layers of polyurethane sealer. You should be aware, however, that there is some risk of getting loose paint chips in your food if you cut it directly on a painted Formica surface.















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