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Bathroom countertops

Countertops are generally seen as something you would find in your kitchen. But, increasingly bathroom countertops are becoming more of a focus.

A bathroom countertop’s main purpose is to create extra workspace and room for the multitude of personal cleaning products, cosmetics and various creams and medications that increasingly crowd the modern bathroom.

However, the differences between bathroom and kitchen countertops are important to recognize. Firstly, bathroom countertops must fit it closely with the color and style of both the vanity unit and the sink – so that this small room appears to have a homogenous style, instead a being a collection of different parts. Secondly, because of the hot and humid conditions in bathrooms, certain materials cannot be used. For example, wood surfaces are almost never installed in bathrooms, as they would be quickly damaged and warped by moisture in the air – unless very carefully sealed. Also, some of the more porous natural stone surfaces such as marble are to be avoided as bathroom countertops because of their natural tendency to absorb water.

The most popular types of materials for bathroom countertops are Granite, plastic laminates, tiles, and glass. This is because these are generally easy surfaces to care for and are more likely to resist heat and moisture. However, more and more people are taking advantage of Corian’s all-weather toughness and adaptability to install it on their bathroom countertops. Plus, Corian comes in such a wide range of colors that you’re sure to find one that will suit your bathroom décor.

The backsplash (the back vertical edge of a countertop) has become an artistic focus for bathrooms in recent years. Colorfully designed ceramic tiles are often a popular material for backsplashes. A well-executed tiled backsplash can set off the look of your bathroom in a very elegant way.
















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