Wood Blinds - Installation Guide

5 steps to install wood blinds

Wood blinds

Wood blinds aren’t always what they seem; quality varies enormously and one or two customers have even mistaken faux wood for the real thing. Wooden blinds aren’t cheap so it’s important to make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for.

American hardwood blinds are typically made of aspen or basswood and are finished to a high standard. Hardwood blinds are renowned for their durability and won’t crack or warp, but you’ll have to pay for the extra quality. Ramin wood blinds are a cheaper option, although their naturally high water content can spell problems further down the line.

One way to cut costs is to install the blinds yourself. Most manufactures deliver made-to-measure wood blinds within five working days of purchase, and even if you don’t know one end of a screwdriver from the other; you shouldn’t run into any serious difficulties. Just follow the five simple steps below:

1) You will need a pencil and tape-measure, an electric drill and screwdriver.

2) Having decided exactly where to hang the blind, the first thing to do is to attach the end brackets. Insert the screws in the top of the end bracket for an inside mount, and through the holes in the back of the end bracket for an outside mount.

3) Once you have attached the top bracket, the headrail can be slid into place. To do this, open the bracket covers, slide the headrail in and close the bracket covers. The headrail will be already attached to the hanging wooden slats.

4) If you have ordered a wand tilter, it will have come with an s-shaped hook which is rotated to open and close the blinds. This should now be fitted to the headrail.

5) A valance sits over the headrail and covers the workings of the blind. The valance will come with clips made from Velcro, metal or plastic. You’ll find a groove in the top of the headrail and a corresponding groove in the inside of the valance. The clips sit inside these grooves and attach the two items.

This may look quite straightforward, and in many ways it is, however if you are at all uncertain about your ability to fit the blinds successfully, bite the bullet and pay the extra. After all they will probably last you a lifetime, and that’s a long time to look at a wonky window covering.






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