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Vertical blinds

Although vertical blinds only became commercially available in 1948 shades, shutters and drapes have been around almost as long as windows themselves. Of course today’s vertical blinds are a far cry from the window coverings of yesteryear, but the basic function remains the same; to control the amount of light and heat entering a room.

Vertical blinds have come a long way since their humble beginnings; mostly thanks to advances in fabric and manufacturing technologies. Today’s marketplace is awash with different designs, patterns and colors and vertical blinds account for the greatest volume of blinds sold worldwide. However, they aren’t suitable for everyone’s needs; unless you want your home to look like your place of work. Manufacturers have tried to divorce this association between vertical blinds and the office, but it’s a hard label to shift.

One company did come up with a slightly outlandish solution to this problem by designing mirrored vertical blinds. When closed the blinds looked great and created a welcome feeling of space. However, when tilted, the blinds transformed the room into something akin to a fairground hall of mirrors.

If you’re thinking about investing in some vertical blinds you’ll find that they have a number of unique selling points. When fully drawn the vanes neatly compress, taking up very little room. They can be designed to draw from the centre outwards, like a pair of curtains. However, they really come into their own with wide expanses of glass or sliding doors; where any other sort of drape would be cumbersome and difficult.

Vertical blinds can be made from a variety of materials, which means that there’s something to suit most budgets. PVC is the cheapest option and slats are either ‘plain’ (creating a formal look best-suited to offices and classrooms) or ‘embossed’. If you opt for the latter you’ll have a much greater range to choose from, including metallic and faux wood effects. At the top of the range you’ll find fabric vertical blinds which are held in place with either a PVC backing or weights.










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