Blinds and Shades - Cleaning Tips

Tips for cleaning wood, fabric and aluminum

Blinds and shades

There is no doubt about it, cleaning blinds and shades can be a messy and tiresome business. How much work you have to put in largely depends on what type of blind or shade you’re dealing with. It might just be a case of a quick wipe with a damp cloth, on the other hand you may find yourself dismantling and soaking a particularly tricky design.

The following tips should get things moving in the right direction:

Wood blinds

The most important thing to remember when cleaning real wood blinds is to avoid using water. Natural wood has a high water content and any additional moisture may cause the blind to warp or the slats to become discolored. Instead use a soft dry cloth. You may be able to use a non-wax furniture polish, but it’s worth checking with the manufacturer first.

Faux wood

Faux wood binds made from materials that are much more hardwearing than their organic cousins. Hence, cleaning them is considerably easier. Faux wood blinds can be wiped down with a damp cloth and if they are really dirty you can add a little mild detergent.

Fabric shades

Many fabric blinds and shades are now made from anti-static materials, which mean that they require little cleaning. However, if you want to cheer them up; use a vacuum cleaner then give them a brisk dust. If they are soiled in parts you can use a damp sponge, but be careful to use too much water or the fabric may ‘pill’.

Aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds can be cleaned in place or taken down and cleaned. Use a feather duster, cloth or vacuum cleaner brush. The coating on the slats is very smooth so the dust is easily removed. The quickest and most efficient way to clean the blinds is tilt them fully one way and wipe over, then reverse this. Warm water and a mild detergent can be used as long as it doesn’t contain abrasives.

Points to remember:

Never machine wash or tumble dry any type of blind as they will rapidly loose their shape.

After cleaning, wiping your blind with a fabric softener sheet will help prevent dust build up and will make cleaning easier next time.

Your vacuum cleaner is your best friend. It is remarkable what a difference a quick once over can make.




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