Roller Blinds

Popular choices of roller blinds

Roller blinds

When the sun comes streaming through your windows in the early hours, it’s only matter of time before you think about investing in some versatile and hard wearing blinds to cut out the glare. Roller blinds are a good all-round solution; offering a cheap and efficient way of controlling the amount of light entering a room.

As roller blinds are best mounted inside the window recess, they can accompany curtains, drapes or valances; thus blending with your current decor. Arguably the most important factor in choosing a roller blind is finding the right fabric as this is the most visible element. Fortunately they are available in a wide spectrum of colors; from subtle shades to bold and vibrant statements. The range of styles is equally as diverse and you can even get lace effect blinds (which softly diffuse light to give both privacy and a wonderful ambience).

The majority of roller blinds are made from partly translucent fabric containing a mixture of polyester and cotton. These allow some light filtration whilst cutting out glare. However, complete blackout blinds are also available which have the additional bonus of keeping your room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Roller blinds typically come in a self assembly pack with simple fitting instructions. They consist of a strong aluminum centre tube and a sidewinder operation mechanism. The fabric has a maximum width of eight feet, but can easily be trimmed to fit your window. All fabric used is specially stiffened, hard-wearing and sponge proof for easy cleaning.

If you’re feeling ambitious it is possible to change the material on your roller blind to something of your own choice; as long as you follow a few basic rules. Any fabric you choose will need to be colorfast, closely woven and lightweight. The material will need to be stiffened with an aerosol spray or coated in stiffening solution before hanging to ensure the fabric sits well and does not fray.

Whatever your needs, roller blinds are the original ‘easy on the eye’ solution to any window covering dilemma.









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