Plantation Blinds

Old style blinds

Plantation blinds

Plantation blinds were first seen in British houses during Tudor times (1485-1547) and comprised a solid wood board which covered the bottom half of a window where there was no glass.

They could be opened when ventilation was needed and folded back against the wall to become a decorative feature. By the end of the seventeenth century, plantation blinds were commonly attached to the inside of the window and covered the entire aperture (they also became known as plantation shutters).

During the Victorian period (1837-1901) plantation blinds found their way outside, but could still be easily reached and operated form the inside. Whether inside or outside; plantation blinds had taken on a more decorative function by the turn of the century. Nowadays, plantation blinds command a high resale value as much for their insulating properties as the added security that they offer.

Plantation shutters consist of a wooden frame attached by a hinge onto the window frame. Within this, wooden slats are arranged in such a way that allows them to rotate open and closed. Plantation blinds can be divided into sections depending on the size of your window. An averaged size window might have just two sections, allowing one section to be closed and one left open (to let in a degree of light).

The highest quality plantation blinds are made from hardwoods such as Bass or Poplar, and can be painted or left with a natural finish. Plantation blinds are also available in vinyl, which proves an easy-to-maintain and waterproof alternative to wood. The latest additions to the marketplace are blinds made from weather-resistant foam called Thermalite (which won’t fade, chip or warp).

While blinds and curtains succumb to daily wear and tear; plantation blinds are very durable and can be touched up with a coat of paint if they begin to look tired. Hence, the initial investment may be steep, but you’re buying something that will last you a lifetime.










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