Made to Measure Blinds

Steps to getting the perfect fit

Made to measure blinds

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace most window covering manufacturers are more than happy to provide customers with made to measure blinds. However, there’s no point in ordering bespoke blinds if you are uncertain about how to take the right measurements.

The last thing you want is for your new blinds to arrive, only to find that there’s a yawning gap with sunlight pouring through. The following simple steps will ensure that your tailored blinds are a perfect fit:

Made to Measure Blinds - getting the perfect fit

Firstly, ensure you have all you need before you begin. You will need a quality metal tape measure (a fabric tape measure will do, but they tend to be less accurate). Take all your measurements to the nearest eighth of an inch as this is what the manufacturers will require. A surprising number of people ‘round up’ their measurements, which defeats the point of having them “made to measure.”

Next, you’ll have to decide exactly where you intend to hang the blind. Here you have complete control as modern blinds can be made to fit into the window frame itself (an inside mount) or onto the lintel (an outside mount). Note that the measuring process is a little different when measuring an inside mount or an outside mount:

To take an inside mount measurement:

Measure from the top of the recess to the windowsill at three points in the window. This will give the drop of the blind. Then, again in three places, measure the width of the recess from wall to wall. An inside mount will be a tight fit to the window which generally gives a cleaner look.

To take an outside mount measurement:

Decide where you want the top of the blind to be and measure from here to the bottom. Then measure and note the width of where you would like your blind to hang. An outside mount will hang outside the window recess and can hide an unattractive window.

Finally, check all your notes. Ensure that you have clearly indicated which measurement is the width and which is the height in order to avoid any confusion further down the line. Then double check your measurements as mistakes tend to be expensive (which is why many customers prefer to have a representative of the blind company visit to take the measurements). It’s also a good idea to make a note of any other factors, such as window handles, which may affect how the blind hangs.





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