Faux Wood Blinds - Advantages and Disadvantages

The beauty of faux wood

Faux wood blinds

When looking for wooden blinds you’ll first need to think about whether to go for the real thing or the synthetic alternative. Both faux wood blinds and the ‘genuine article’ come with a list of advantages and disadvantages which must be weighed up carefully if you’re to make an informed decision.

Faux wood blinds are also known as alternative wood or wood-like blinds and are produced by most of the big-name manufacturers. Much of their popularity is no doubt down to their price, which is typically 15% cheaper than real wood blinds.

Most faux wood blinds are either made from solid vinyl (such as Woodmates or Biowoods) or a mixture of wood and vinyl (such as Everlast and Everwoods). Although blinds made from a wood and vinyl mix are a little more expensive than solid vinyl, they are still considerably cheaper than real wood blinds.

Besides price, faux wood blinds have the competitive edge over their organic siblings when it comes to longevity. Real wood has a naturally high moisture content and is therefore prone to warping. Synthetic wood blinds don’t have the same properties and won’t warp, crack or fade (which makes them an ideal choice for rooms with high humidity, such as the bathrooms and kitchens). Their durability also makes them popular with young families and pet lovers.

For all their advantages, there are as many disadvantages to faux wood blinds. They are between 60% and 100% heavier than real wood blinds and therefore take much greater effort to raise and lower. Faux wooden slats also tend to more flexible than real wood, which means more ladders are needed to improve the blind’s overall rigidity. And more ladders make for a messier blind. Faux wood blinds are currently available in a limited range of colors, they can’t be stained and they may yellow over time. There’s also the question of their aesthetic appeal and people often comment that they lack the ‘warmth’ of real wood blinds.










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