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Bathroom blinds

If you’re about to decorate your bathroom it’s essential that you choose materials suitable for a damp climate. It may well sound obvious, but it is surprising how many people fail to get their head around the concept that bathroom blinds must be made from waterproof materials.

For practical reasons most people steer clear of curtains (instead opting for blinds) but careless decorators can still find themselves staring at depressing expanse of mildewed fabric every morning.

Untreated fabrics will quickly end up with damp and mould problems. Instead aluminum Venetian blinds are an attractive, workable (and water-resistant) way to dress your bathroom windows. People often make the mistake of choosing wooden blinds and soon live to regret it. Their life is shortened as they tend to buckle in the humidity and encourage mould growth. Being a natural product wood has a high moisture content, which coupled with humidity can lead to warping.

It is possible to get quality wooden blinds which have been treated to become water proof. However, you’ll have to pay for the privilege and they still don’t always stand up to truly wet conditions. Faux wood blinds are actually made from plastic, but they are unlikely to fool even the casual observer. Though frequently mocked, vinyl is a safe option for a bathroom blind, especially if it is in an area likely to get a true soaking such as near a shower.

Just because you are slightly limited in your materials, doesn’t mean that your choice of design should be affected. Almost every style of blind can, and has been, used in a bathroom decoration with differing results. Roller blinds are the current favorite, mostly because they are conveniently kept 'out of the way' nature and the last thing you want in a damp bathroom are great swathes of material hanging all over the place. Venetian blinds are also popular among the more style-conscious, but can be a hassle to look after. Avoid vertical blinds if possible as their standard ½ inch gap above the sill may compromise your privacy; something to consider especially if your bath in near the window.










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