Blinds and Awnings

Where they are best suited?

Blinds and awnings

Today blinds and awnings come in a wide variety of styles and you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding something tailored to your individual needs. Before the invention of folding arms, customers had to rely on clunky vertical blinds.

However, blind technology has moved on apace and now there is an impressive range of blinds and awnings designed for use at home or at work. As well as the traditional ‘up and down’ systems a host of new blinds and awnings have joined the marketplace, including fixed, extendable and removable models.

Blinds and Awnings serve many practical purposes

Fixed box blinds are commonly used by small companies, who emboss the name of the shop or restaurant they are sheltering onto the blind. These are fixed as near to vertical as possible to allow clear reading of the name. External Venetian blinds are a low cost efficient shading system used frequently by companies. They present no need for artificial lighting as the slats are adjustable and they can be retracted fully when desired.

Another choice is to fit businesses with external roller blinds. These provide good protection from the heat of the sun and so reduce the need for air conditioners. The savings in energy can be substantial in a large company. Blinds and awnings are used in properties for security as well as practicality. Aluminum blinds are often seen on the outside of shops after closing time for this purpose.

Not only are they functional in the workplace, but external blinds and awnings can add character and value to a house. They are an ideal way to shade a patio or garden area, providing extra living space as well as offering privacy and screening heat. Light canvas blinds are popular as they do not trap heat and create a greenhouse effect. Aluminum blinds are less aesthetically pleasing but offer a big increase in security. Normally, external blinds and awnings are supplied with arms, slides and a pull down pole for operation. However, there’s a growing list of ‘extras’ customers can choose from, including: remote control, sensors which retract your blinds/ awnings in high winds… and you can even request built-in lighting.

Manufacturers realize that gardens and patios come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which is why most customize the product to your individual needs.







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