Wooden Bedroom Furniture

Quiz - Which type of wood suits you

Wood Bedroom Furniture

Perhaps the appeal of wood bedroom furniture is part of the general trend for bringing wood into our homes. For example, nothing says "Christmas" like the smell of fresh pine needles, and a bedroom door made from metal or plastic would seem odd.

When we look at a piece of antique bedroom furniture, it's the grain of the wood, the knots and the bumps that create its individuality and make us fall in love with it. But what kind of wooden furniture should you choose? Our quiz is designed to help you decide.

1. You're doing some flower arranging for your bedroom. How do you do it?

a) You gather a generous bunch of dried flowers and put them in the vintage wash-jug that's already sitting on the dresser with a matching vintage wash-bowl.

b) You take a tall vase and add just a few sprays of blossom.

c) You like violets, lavender, daffodils and amaryllis in a vase to fit.

d) Real flowers are a little too boring for you. You choose kitschy silk flowers or a modern-art interpretation of flowers in wire gauze.

2. How would you describe the color scheme of your ideal bedroom?

a) Spring-like pastels or urban neutrals

b) Fabrics and walls should be light, with warmth coming from the furniture.

c) Rich, warm colors - perhaps with Tudor-style brocade fabrics or all-natural green to evoke the feel of a forest.

d) It would have to fit in with a fun theme - perhaps neon shades to go with the look of a 1950s diner, or blues and yellows to evoke the beach.

3. After love, what's the most important ingredient of a successful marriage?

a) Looking on the bright side and being flexible

b) Warmth and permanence

c) Permanence and individuality

d) Having fun - but you're not ready to be tied down anyway.

Your answers

Mostly As

Pine is your first choice of wood bedroom furniture. Its light color makes it great for a rustic look or for a pared-down urban bedroom, and you love its versatility. See our page on pine bedroom furniture for more information.

Mostly Bs

You should choose the warmth of cherry wood. Team it with fresh ivory fabrics and walls, or experiment with shades of green. Cherrywood also complements Oriental touches well, such as minimalist flower arrangements or chinoiserie inlays. Our page on cherry bedroom furniture gives more tips.

Mostly Cs

Many people have been grateful for oak trees; the Celts revered the tree and King Charles II used one as a hideaway. So you're in good company when you admit that oak is the wood for you. It goes with everything, from modern neutrals to historically inspired patterns. See our page on oak bedroom furniture for advice on caring for this most royal of woods.

Mostly D

You haven't found quite the right material yet for your wood bedroom furniture. Is this because you shouldn't go for wood at all? You have a fun personality and enjoy playing with interior design ideas. Perhaps you'd be better suited to futuristic aluminum chairs or a plastic sideboard. Our Styles section gives some advice on creating an individual look.



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