White Bedroom Furniture - Achieving the look

Creating a white colored bedroom

White Bedroom Furniture

White bedroom furniture comes in many different styles and materials, but most people choose it for exactly the same reason: what the color represents.

White is linked in our culture to cleanliness, innocence and peace. Perhaps this is why white is such a popular color for babies' cots. An all-white bedroom is a sanctuary, and indulges our fantasies of floating away to sleep on fluffy white clouds.

However, it's all too easy to make mistakes with your white bedroom furniture. White may be the color of innocence, but it also has some tacky connotations. It's the classic color for a traditional wedding dress, but it's also a favored color for string bikinis and cheap shoes. So when you're choosing white bedroom furniture, always go for good-quality pieces.

A white color makes laminate and plasterboard furniture look cheap, while white plastic is for garden furniture only, unless you're prepared to shell out on some cutting-edge modern design, such as a Thor-Larsen egg chair. Stick to quality wooden furniture - pine is the best choice because of the wood's naturally light color. If you buy naturally dark wooden furniture that has been painted white, you will find that the paint effect often looks overdone.

Perhaps you're buying white bedroom furniture because you want to create an all-white room. If that's the case, you probably plan to accessorize the room with white bed linen, crisp white cushions and a big fluffy white rug for the floor. However, even though this look can be dramatic, it's surprisingly difficult to create. It's very hard to know if a color is really white until you hold it up against another color. The quilt that appeared so ice-white in the furnishings store suddenly appears ivory when compared to the paint on your walls. The pure white of your new vase appears bluish on your dresser. Rather than ending up with a room that's a completely uniform color, you will end up with a whole palette of whites: warm whites, cool whites, rose-tinted whites, creamy whites. Some people love the subtle contrasts involved, while others drive themselves crazy trying to find the perfect match for everything.

The easiest way to "wear" white bedroom furniture is to have one or two other signature colors in the room. White is great in a supporting role, making other colors come into their own. It's especially good if you go for a country theme. For example, let's say you've bought for a pine wardrobe. If you're painting it yourself, don't use too many coats; let the beauty of the natural wood show through the white. The effect will be even more subtle if you delicately stain the wood rather than painting it. However, because pine is softwood, you will need to take care when staining; use a clear conditioner to block the wood pores before you start. A brass bed and a pine dresser set the rustic mood; all you need are a few extra touches, such as a spray of flowers or a home-made cushion.

Keeping white bedroom furniture clean

The only disadvantage of a white bedroom is that white is the worst color of all for hiding dirt. However, you can still have white bedroom furniture; it's the flooring you need to worry about. If you're worried about dirt, swap your white carpet or rug for a blue one. Not only is blue a more forgiving color, it also combines well with white for a cozy country look. However, resist the temptation to protect white furniture from finger-marks with thick gloss paint; the only place where gloss and white paint work well together is on woodwork such as skirting boards and window frames, not on your precious wood or wicker furniture!



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