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Kids' bedroom furniture doesn't have to be boring. There was once a time when bedroom furniture for children - like clothing for children - was little more than a miniature copy of the adult version. But all that has changed. Perhaps parents are having a little more fun with furnishings, or perhaps "pester power" has spread to the world of interior design. Whatever the reason, kids' bedroom furniture is now more fun than ever.

For example, it's possible to buy hand painted beds in the shape of your kids' favorite vehicles. Little Tikes makes several different versions of their car-shaped beds. They're available in many different stores, including Wal-Mart and online retailer eToys ( You can even buy them in black, with flames painted on the sides.

For a fairytale fantasy, there are plenty of castle-shaped beds on the market. The Dream Castle "Grow-With-Me" bed is a good option because it can be converted from a toddler-sized bed to a regular twin bed as your child grows. (The pieces for conversion are included in the packages.) Most good themed beds, whether they're cars, castles or spaceships, cost a few hundred dollars.

There's even more scope to go crazy with your bedroom furniture if the bedroom doubles as a kid's playroom. That means you can think about tables and chairs for drawing and crafts. Crazy Cardboard has a table-and-chair set whose chairs are shaped like little tea-cups - perfect for afternoon tea in the nursery. If your kids love bugs, check out Posh Tots (, whose Bug Off table and chair set is covered in creepy-crawlies. Expect to pay anything between $50 and a few hundred dollars for a table-and-chair set. Furniture sets for older kids are usually more expensive than sets for toddlers.

However, kids' bedroom furniture doesn't have to be expensive...

With a little DIY, it's possible to create fun furniture at a fraction of the price. Second-hand furniture stores sell inexpensive child-sized furniture as well as the adult stuff. The first thing to do with wooden items is to sand them down thoroughly in order to avoid the risk of splinters. Start with coarse-grained sanding paper and move on to finer paper afterwards. Porous woods such as pine may then need a paste filler to achieve a smooth finish, but other woods will just need a sanding sealer. Then it's time to get decorating.




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