Discount Bedroom Furniture

Tips on getting a discount

Discount Bedroom Furniture

The secret to buying discount bedroom furniture is finding good quality merchandise at a fraction of the cost offered by mainline retailers. The first rule is to shop around. Don't just go for the easy option and buy the first bed you see - once you've chosen a style you like visit all your local furniture stores to see if you can get a better deal.

Next go online and check the price of the same bed at a number of online retailers. You may find a cheaper deal but make sure you factor in the shipping costs. Also take a look at other beds and bedroom furniture when online - you many find something that suits you better and is cheaper but wasn't available at your local furniture retailers.

Another option is to wait for the sales. Every furniture retailer needs to shift stock and end of season sales can be the place for a bargain. Most retailers make a big deal out of advertising that the 'offer ends Friday' and then have a 'final sale' to shift the last remaining pieces that weekend. If you have the nerve and can wait it out, the best discount bedroom furniture buys are in the final sale. If you're flexible on design you'll have a much better choice and a better chance of finding a bargain.

It's also well worth asking furniture retailers if they have any end-of-line furniture available - they may sell these pieces at a discount if they don't have a complete set available. However, if you've got a small room and only have space for one nightstand it'll be perfect for you.

Furniture retailers also offer discount bedroom furniture that has been on display in their showroom. These are the beds that people have giggled on while testing them in the store, the night stands whose doors have been opened and closed hundreds of times and the dressers whose drawers have been pulled out and pushed in over and over again.

This furniture is often shop soiled or broken and is always sold at a discount. If you're looking at display models always check carefully for any dirt or damage, check hinges and runners look for scratches and dirty marks and make sure bed springs aren't broken. Not only do you need to know exactly what you're buying, you can use each fault as a bargaining tool to reduce the price even further.

When looking for inexpensive bedroom furniture, however, don't fall into the trap of equating the cheapest price with the best deal. Always consider the delivery costs and the after sales service. Bedroom furniture is usually pretty bulky and if delivery isn't included in the price you need to figure out what it's going to cost you to pay for delivery yourself.

You also need to check what kind of guarantee you have on the furniture - discount bedroom furniture often comes with a reduced guarantee. You don't want to find your bed falling apart or your closet shelves warping with the weight of a few sweaters and then realize your one month guarantee has already run out. Even good quality bedroom furniture can have faults and a good guarantee is worth paying for.




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