Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Styles to try - Looks to avoid

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Contemporary bedroom furniture seems to be available in as many styles as there are bedrooms. No wonder it's hard to work out exactly what's fashionable for bedrooms at the moment. The main style strands are:

Minimalism: a pared-down look with neutral colors and a 'less is more' approach to furniture

Antique: a traditional look with turn-of-the-century furniture.

Retro: anything from 1960s psychedelic to 1920s glamour

Country house style: a rustic look to bring a touch of the country into your bedroom

Boudoir/Exotic: an over-the-top style with luxury as the keynote, taking inspiration from the rich fabrics of the Far East

However, truly contemporary bedroom furniture is a mixture of all these trends. A truly modern bedroom will have design features belonging to more than one strand, so you're free to pick and choose whatever appeals most to you.

When is contemporary bedroom furniture not contemporary?

The strands aren't rigidly defined categories, and there's a lot of overlap between them. For example, Gufram Multipli's love-seat in the shape of Marilyn Monroe's lips is one of the most famous examples of 1960s design. You might buy a sofa inspired by his design as part of a retro bedroom. Your grandmother might think such a sofa was shockingly modern, while a furniture dealer might even define it as antique; some mid-century pieces are sold by antique dealers. To add to the confusion, a visiting friend might decide that evoking a glamorous screen goddess makes your sofa the perfect piece for the boudoir look. The answer to the dilemma is to stop worrying about fitting a certain style and just go for pieces you like. When fashion gurus declare that mid-century modern is the new antique or that clutter is the new minimalism, it's easy to go crazy with confusion, so the best strategy is to trust your instincts.

Mixtures of contemporary bedroom style strands

There are certain tried-and-tested mixtures that always work well together. For example, Shaker-style furniture is great for creating an antique look, but you can also pair it with modern pieces and neutral colors for a minimalist style. Or bring in dried flowers for a country look. The dark colors of antique hard woods can create a traditional room, but mix them with rich, unusual fabrics (perhaps even a tiger-skin print) and you've effortlessly nailed the exotic look.

Looks to avoid

Certain mixtures go together about as well as cola and milk. For example, you might buy a chair in French Empire style that was actually made in the 1950s. Pairing such a chair with items evoking the 1950s, such as diner-style chairs or neon signs, creates a dreadful clash of styles. Mixing 1980s-style black furniture with cozy country-style pine is also a bad idea.

The golden rule of contemporary bedroom furniture

When you're blending, the trick is to think about how you want to feel in your bedroom, rather than how you want it to look. Citrus colors might be energizing in the kitchen, but will they work as well in the bedroom or will they stop you sleeping? Is your bedroom a boudoir or a burrow? Somewhere to escape everyday life or somewhere to spend time with your partner? When you have a clear idea of how you want to feel in your bedroom, your intuition will help you pick the furniture that's right for you.



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