Broyhill Bedroom Furniture

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Broyhill Bedroom Furniture

Broyhill bedroom furniture is as varied as Broyhill furniture for other parts of the house. There is an extensive range to choose from, so you should be able to find a piece of Broyhill bedroom furniture to fit whatever style you are aiming for in your bedroom.

Broyhill master bedroom furniture

Broyhill furniture for the master bedroom comes in a range of styles, all aimed at subtly evoking a different theme. For example, the Largo style is designed to remind you of the sunny Caribbean, so the end of the bed is textured to look like cane, while the headrest features a rising sun motif. Madison Court is designed to give an 18 th -century feel, so the set features a four-poster bed and exotic wood inlays.

Broyhill Youth Collection

Broyhill has a range of furniture for children, teenagers and young adults. Much of this bedroom furniture is slightly smaller in scale than the master bedroom furniture, making it a good option for condos (as Broyhill suggest) or small apartments. The Anhurst collection is very versatile; there are child's bunk beds, but the collection also includes entertainment center and book storage. The dark wood color of the Anhurst collection allows you to adapt the room into a spare room when your child leaves home. Other collections in the youth bedroom range are less adaptable, as they tend to be rather twee.

Advantages of buying Broyhill bedroom furniture

Broyhill is one of America's most recognized bedroom furniture manufacturers, and the company has spent nearly a century building up a good reputation, which it now seems very keen to maintain. When you buy a piece of Broyhill bedroom furniture, you know it has been carefully made to exacting standards. The customer service is excellent too.

Prices of Broyhill bedroom furniture

Broyhill has an excellent reputation and uses quality materials, so Broyhill bedroom furniture doesn't come cheap. Expect to pay hundreds of dollars, perhaps thousands, for a few bedroom items. However, prices vary according to the store from which you purchase your Broyhill furniture, so make sure you compare the prices in several stores before you buy. Buying second-hand Broyhill furniture is also an option. Some pieces are sold second-hand for less than half their new sale price, despite being in excellent condition.



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