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Bedroom Furniture

Choosing the right bedroom furniture can make the difference between sanctuary and misery. Your bedroom is a private space, and it's somewhere few visitors go. That means that you have the freedom to express yourself in the furniture and in the design, without worrying about anyone judging you.

Most bedroom furniture misery comes from thinking too much about what other people will think. For example, you might choose imposing antique bedroom furniture pieces to emphasize your wealth and status, without considering that they make the room crowded and dark. Or you might choose crazy modern bedroom furniture to go with your flamboyant image, only to find that the colors and shapes are actually quite unsettling. The key to choosing the right bedroom furniture is to trust your intuition and go for furniture that makes you feel happy and relaxed.

However much you love a certain style, there's always the danger of overdoing things in the bedroom. Napoleon's mistress Josephine adored the aphrodisiac qualities of musk, and it's rumored that she blurred the boundaries between aromatherapy and interior design by smearing the walls with it. The heavy scent of the perfumed walls gave Napoleon a headache, prompting the famous line "Not tonight, Josephine", or so the story goes.

When you're choosing your bedroom furniture, it's good to take a hint from Josephine's experience and remember that less is more. Nevertheless, the sheer range of styles on offer - from shabby chic to urban cool - means that it's tempting to go crazy in the furniture showroom. A good tip is to measure your bedroom before you go shopping for furniture, then take the tape measure with you. If you know exactly what will and what won't fit in your room, it's easier to curb the flights of fancy that lead to inappropriate impulse buys.

But what if you love to overdo it? What if your idea of a restful room is one designed to look like a fairytale castle or an Arabian souk ? Most people find over-the-top designs are great for rooms in which you socialize, less good for a room in which you're supposed to be relaxing. However, if bright citrus colors or sci-fi metallic furniture help you drift into sweet, sweet sleep, forget all the advice above and just remember the words of Mae West: "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful."




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