Water Softener Manufacturers

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Who are the less known suppliers of water softeners?

Besides the big-name water softener manufacturers, there are many smaller brands to consider. Here are a few.

WaterBoss has three types of water filter: the 550, 700 and 900 models. Each has its own benefits and is suited to different environments. As you would expect, the 550 model has the smallest capacity. It is capable of removing 25 grains per gallon of hardness from water and regeneration lasts nine minutes. The bigger 900 model stands an extra five inches high and is capable of removing 90 grains of hardness for every gallon of water. Not surprisingly, it requires a lot more salt and water to regenerate, 6 lbs and 37 gallons to be precise. The 700 model is a nice in-between, the perfect solution for average-sized households with standard water use and water hardness. There have, however, been a number of customer complaints about WaterBoss. Some customers claimed that the information supplied on the WaterBoss website regarding the capacity of the water softeners was inaccurate. Others found themselves with a system that was much larger and used far more salt than expected. So check that you know exactly what you're getting before ordering at www.waterboss.com.

The name William Hague might for some draw up images of a rather small, balding British former political party leader, but the William Hague that sparks the interest of water softener manufacturers is the founder of Hague Quality Water International. The company focused its efforts on developing a water softener that would be more efficient, use less salt and save water. It now claims that its WaterMax both cleans and conserves water like no other. www.haguewater.com.

Marlo manufactures a wide range of water softeners and filters, and having been in the water treatment industry for more than 150 years, is pretty good at it. Marlo has developed from dealing solely within the residential market to dealing with commercial and industrial water treatments. It now also manufactures a combination water softener and iron filter, and a super high-efficiency filter. www.marlo-inc.com

Alamo Water was founded in 1965 in Texas . It belongs to the international Marmon group of more than 100 businesses that has collective revenue of nearly $6 billion each year. Alamo generally operates via warehouses and distribution centers and serves both the residential and commercial markets through independent dealers. www.alamowater.com



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