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Kinetico(, born in 1970, was the baby of two engineers hoping to develop a non-electric automatic water treatment system. The company based its products on a number of principles that are as relevant today as they were when the first Kinetico water softeners were on the market. Its softeners are designed to provide a supply of soft water uninterrupted even during regeneration, and operate without the need for electricity. These principles are at the forefront of manufacturers' minds as they develop the ever-expanding Kinetico product line. It is now a global organization with dealers, distributors and manufacturers in more than 100 countries.

Kinetico water softeners are manufactured to suit a number of environments ranging from the individual home to the community at large. Residential Kinetico water softeners deliver safe and soft water to homes where hard water has been a problem. Their residential range has been well reviewed by numerous magazines including Consumers Digest and has featured on well-known television programs. Kinetico is also a world leader in the commercial and industrial water softener market. Restaurants, hospitals and many industries all demand a constant supply of clean, soft water that will taste good and prevent damage to existing plumbing systems. Kinetico also provides soft, clean water on a municipal scale through the use of a state-of-the-art ceramic filter.

Water softeners all operate in roughly the same way. What makes Kinetico water softeners different is that they are free from all electrics. Most water systems use a clock and timer to initiate regeneration but this makes them susceptible to power failure and will increase your electricity bills. Kinetico's electric-free systems are not reliant on a timer and make no additions to your bill. Kinetico water softeners contain a turbine and gears which determine how much water has been used and consequently when to regenerate.



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