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The Kenmore ( philosophy focuses on the purity of the air and water in the home, and it seems to be working. The brand name first appeared in 1913, and today one in two American homes contains a Kenmore appliance, with Kenmore water softeners being one of the most popular.

Kenmore water softeners range from the inexpensive Kenmore 300 Series water softener to the top-of-the-range Kenmore Elite 420 Series model, with all the gradients in between. The Kenmore 300 is perfect for a small household with average water hardness. Regeneration is initiated on demand and it includes a usage increase option button to cover you if you have guests. At the other end of the Kenmore spectrum is the Kenmore Elite 420 Series model, which is capable of softening the water of large households with hard water. As well as being demand-initiated, this has an exclusive ultra cleansing feature which removes larger particles of sediment from the water while providing increased protection for appliances that use water in the home. It has a salt efficiency setting and rinse options that can make the system even more efficient. It has a 68-hour memory to save your settings in the case of a power cut and a computer that can be set in English, Spanish or French. This added 'ultra cleanse' feature tends to increase the price of the product quite significantly, though can be worth the extra cost to prevent large particles entering your household plumbing. The only restriction is that it is possible it does not work well with well water, only city water.

The Kenmore website outlines common water problems, initially saying that each household requires two types of water: soft working water for your laundry and bathing needs, and clear, good tasting, high-quality drinking water. Kenmore outlines a whole-house approach to cover your needs for both good drinking and 'working' water.

Kenmore includes a comprehensive section on the benefits of soft water. It prevents scale build-up on plumbing and appliances, encourages soaps to lather better and work more efficiently, increases the softness and overall life of fabric, and makes housework quicker and easier.

Kenmore provides potential customers with a speculative savings chart based on a family of four's average annual water consumption. Its figures show that the money spent on cleaning products, electricity, washable items and household appliances could be more than halved by installing a home water softener.



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