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GE ( water softeners are just one tiny branch of the GE Company, a famous name with strong foundations in the electrical water treatment industry. Before 1890, the electrical industry in the USA was dominated by two strong companies. By this point however, both realized it was becoming increasingly difficult to produce complete electrical goods solely through the use of their own technology. And so it was in 1892 that the merging of these two dominant forces in the electrical industry formed the General Electric Company.

The founder of the company, Thomas Edison, was already famous throughout the country for his invention of the electric lamp. This was not to be his only 'first'. It went on to provide the first electric fans and later, the first engine 'booster' for the US aviation industry. Now, with more than 300,000 employees in more than 160 countries, they are one of the largest international employers.

The whole of GE is based on four words that reflect their approach to all company matters: imagine, solve, build and lead. The first reflects the company's desire to be something more than an inventor. It is only imagination that leads to continuing development of new ideas. The second illustrates GE's reason for being a business; it aims to solve problems in the world around us. The penultimate shows the company's continuing desire to improve and continue to build on its solid foundations. The three of these progress towards the final word, lead. GE is a world leader in the electrical industry and with that comes the responsibility to develop and change, and through this they cast aside old ideas and find better ways of doing things.

There are a number of different GE water softeners to suit families of different sizes and different water demands. The smallest, for a family of two or less, is capable of removing 27,000 grains of hardness per regeneration cycle. The largest, for families of four or more, removes 45,000 grains per regeneration cycle. This will be roughly every three days. All GE water softeners are fitted with SmartSoft technology which gives your GE water softener even more advantages. SmartSoft monitors your family's water patterns to ensure that there is always soft water when you need it. It works through a low-wattage transformer so uses up to 50 per cent less energy than standard softeners, as well as 60 per cent less salt.



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