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The origin of Fleck (www.fleckcontrols.com) water softeners dates back to a small machine shop in 1950s Wisconsin . Fleck realized that a sustainable automatic water softener would only be possible if it contained a valve that could operate and not corrode in the highly concentrated brine solution. By the 1960s, Fleck had introduced a valve that could do just that, and now maintains its position as an industry leader, with 25 per cent of the residential market and even more in the commercial world. From Starbucks coffee houses to Buckingham Palace and Heathrow Airport in the UK , Fleck water softeners and valves are number one.

The most popular Fleck water softener is the 5600 series. This model is not going to break the bank and offers great value for money, as it's ultra-reliable. It's made up of straightforward parts that can be easily found and replaced if necessary. You can choose between a timer and a meter-initiated model, depending on your needs. The 5600 is capable of handling 20 gallons of water per minute. If you want something a little more sophisticated, the Fleck 2510 may suit you better. This series allows you to adjust the regeneration cycles and obtain higher flow rates. Top of the range is the Fleck 5600 SE series, which gives digital readouts and is fully adjustable.

The control valve is the most important part of any water softener. It dictates water flow and the initiates the regeneration cycle. Fleck valves really are made to last. Tests have concluded that a Fleck valve is capable of withstanding 10,000 non-stop regeneration cycles. Taking into account the average daily household use, this is the equivalent to almost 28 years of water softening. Many years of technological research have ensures Fleck components dominate the marketplace. The piston, the only moving part within Fleck water softeners, creates a hydraulic chamber that disperses water around the piston thereby reducing the pressure placed on it. Teflon coats the piston, which reduces friction and prevents any sticky build up from calcium and magnesium. Whether you opt for the simplest, manually operated valve system, or the electronic programmable system, you can guarantee that it won't need replacing too soon.




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