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Emmett Culligan set up his water treatment business in 1936, and having been in the water treatment business for so long, the company can rightly say it knows water. Water fed through Culligan ( water softeners will be free of the contaminants and minerals that cause so many of our water problems in the workplace and at home. For more than 65 years, Culligan has aimed to improve the water quality in all areas of its customers' lives. Now, with offices in over 90 countries, the Culligan arm stretches wide to deliver bottled water and fixed water softeners.

Continuing advances in technology ensure that Culligan water softeners tower at the top end of the water treatment industry. The company operates a water quality clinic where you can find out about different water treatments, potential problems of hard water and the advantages of using softened water. It provides information about the water cycle and the way in which it collects the minerals that make it 'hard'. It reminds us of the importance of water to our everyday well-being and the problems that can arise if the water we use is not clean and pure.

Culligan operates through a series of franchises and is always on the lookout for new dealers to sell Culligan water treatment products. The company has been establishing franchises for nearly 60 years and has in the past been voted the number one franchise in its industry. Anyone interested in representing Culligan will be given factory and sales training, and be fully supported by Culligan consultants. It also operates a salesperson recognition program which ensures franchisees' career development.

Culligan water softeners do have a unique selling point. Culligan not only provides you with technologically up-to-the-minute equipment, it also provides you with access to 'The Culligan Man', a local water professional in your region. More than 800 professionals from different regions of the country ensure that you can obtain advice on the best water softener to suit your needs and purchase the right water softener for your water.



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