Commercial Water Softeners

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The need for soft water in commercial industry

Most homes in the USA are now fitted with some form of water system to provide clean, pure water, but few people realize how much water is consumed in the industrial world and the huge financial importance of softening that water. It's only logical that industries which revolve around water, such as laundries and catering services, and which may have hundreds of employees washing their hands and drinking the water, would see the advantages of installing a commercial water softener.

Finance is crucial in the commercial world so if there is money to be saved, businesses are guaranteed to try to save it. Installing a commercial water softener will make a company's water usage more efficient, save on cleaning bills and prolong the life of machinery.

The cost of harm from hard water in a business can run into thousands of dollars, as any piece of machinery that uses water will be far less efficient and more susceptible to damage if it uses hard rather than soft water. This means that downtime and maintenance costs are reduced and product quality correspondingly increases with the installation of a commercial water softener.

Swimming pool pipes, laundry equipment, production line pipes and toilet cisterns, to name but a few, are found in industries heavily dependent on water. The cost of maintenance or replacement can be enormous so keeping the water clean and pure is a priority. Many companies opt for commercial water softeners as the answer to this problem and although they are costly to purchase and install, they will prove economical over time. Softened water will save money on repairs and maintenance of equipment and extend the life of equipment. It will give employees and customers better-tasting water, softer towels and cleaner kitchen goods.

There are many different companies that manufacture commercial water softeners, ranging from small systems for a specific piece of equipment to a 24-hour high-flow system for maximum demand. Most are heavy-duty systems built to handle high water flow and have maximum softening capacity.




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