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Calgon water softeners were launched in 1956, but the foundations were laid more than a century before. Jeremiah Colman went into business in 1814 milling flour, and went on to make starch and laundry blue. Ten years later, Johann A. Benckiser set up a chemical business, and the two companies were to become rivals for almost two centuries. In the 1840s Isaac Reckitt also started dealing in household products, mainly starch, washing blue and polish. His company expanded rapidly and went international 40 years later. In 1938, Reckitt merged with Colman to become Reckitt & Colman Ltd. In 1956, Benckiser launched Calgon water softeners and continued to take the lead in detergents and fabric softeners. It wasn't until 1999 that these two companies merged to produce Reckitt Benckiser, the world's leading maker of household cleaning products.

Reckitt Benckiser can be roughly divided into two sections, surface care and fabric care. The former includes things such as lavatory cleaners, surface polish and specialty cleaners. The latter deals with all sections of the washing cycle from pre-wash treatments to water softeners, fabric softeners and easy ironing aids.

Calgon water softeners are a preventative rather than a de-scaler. The water softener contains the active ingredient polycarboxylates , which softens hard water and prevents the formation of limescale. Calgon water softeners start working immediately and protect all parts of your washing machine from damage by limescale. Your heating elements, pipes, pumps, drum and any other part in contact with water will all live longer and work better if Calgon water softeners are used.

Calgon water softeners remove the minerals from the water which trap dirt in fabrics. They also help to prevent the build-up of excess detergent and soaps that can leave your clothes looking dull and feeling scratchy. Using Calgon water softeners will extend the life of your washing machine through preventing the build-up of harmful limescale. Calgon water softeners are easy to use as they can be used at any temperature, and come in powder, tablet or gel form. Calgon powder is the original water softener but nowadays many people prefer the convenience of tablets or gel. Each is as effective as the next so which form of Calgon water softener you decide upon is really a matter of personal choice.



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