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We discuss three different softeners

Three types of water softener systems dominate the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Knowing their pros and cons will help you to choose the best water softener for you.

The most basic system has a single tank, and regeneration is initiated on a timer. Regeneration can be set to occur during the night when water is not likely to be needed, as this type of system cannot present soft water while the system is regenerating. There are a number of disadvantages to this kind of system, mainly caused by the fact that it operates on a timer. As the timer works by estimating the amount of water used, there is potential for salt wastage if the system regenerates too often, or hard water entering the house if the opposite occurs. The timer will also need to be reset when the clocks change or there is a power cut. This is the simplest type of system and correspondingly the cheapest, although the potential water and salt wastage mean it could end up costing more than initially thought.

To overcome these problems, many people opt for a single-tank system, where regeneration is initiated on demand. A meter measures the amount of water passing through the system and initiates regeneration when a set amount has passed through. This type of system uses a timer to ensure that regeneration only occurs during the night, and so will have the same problems in the event of a power cut. One advantage of these systems is that they have a reserve of soft water in case the water meter reaches zero at any other point in the day.

The third type of system is twin-tank with regeneration initiated on demand. As this system has two tanks instead of the usual one, when one tank has reached its capacity, the other one can take over, leaving the first free to be regenerated. This means there will be a constant flow of soft water and there is never any wasted water or salt. As such, this is certainly the simplest and most efficient type of water softener. Though initially the most expensive type of system, this will become cost-effective over time as it allows no wastage.



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