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Hard-wired home security systems can be expensive to buy, costly to install, and often also demand a monthly monitoring fee. If you don’t want to pay out large amounts, a wireless security system is a less expensive alternative that is easy to install yourself. It simply connects to the phone line you already have in your house, or can operate using radio frequencies. All you will require to install your wireless security system is a mini screwdriver, a drill, a set of wire strippers and of course the wireless system kit.

The first thing to do is to decide where you want the main system box to be placed. It needs to be near an outside door, away from any appliances that might affect the output of radio frequencies from the unit, such as a television or other metal units. The box needs to be programmed according to the manufacturer’s instructions before being fixed to the wall. Next, the door and window sensors can be mounted. Firstly, using the drill, attach the sensors to the entry door. Magnets are then screwed into position at the corresponding level on the door. There is often an indicator, which shows that the magnet is positioned correctly. The window sensors include glass-break detectors. Theses are fitted onto the glass and the tiny wire attached to the sensor on the adjacent wall. This will trigger an alarm if the window is broken. Motion detectors should be placed in the top corners of any area where the house is likely to be entered, though again, these need to be away from anything that might influence the radio frequency they emit. The siren triggered by a broken alarm should be mounted somewhere where it will be heard loud and clear.

Wireless security systems can be programmed to call the fire service or police directly if an alarms is triggered. They can turn lights, music systems and TVs on and off to create the impression of the house being occupied and so deter burglars. They can also be attached to a central monitoring system for 24-hour surveillance if you desire.




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