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Security system monitoring provides round the clock protection for your home and family whether you are at home or away. Early in the morning, the middle of the night, whenever trouble strikes, your security system monitoring centre will identify and deal appropriately with the problem. Most damage to property and theft occurs when buildings are unoccupied. There is little point having a fire or intruder alarm if, when it is triggered, there is no-one to hear or respond to it. Fires spread rapidly, thieves work quickly and without a rapid response, irretrievable damage can be done. Ensuring your property has security system monitoring could prove invaluable.

With a security system fitted on your property your chance of an intruder successfully burgling your house is greatly reduced. When the intruder enters the property, an alarm is tripped. This alerts the burglar and any other people on the premises to the presence of an alarm system. It also alerts the monitoring centre to the fact that the system has been triggered. The monitoring centre will call the property to confirm the fact that a disturbance has occurred and then alert the authorities if necessary. This means that if you triggered the alarm accidentally, you have four rings in which to answer the call and relay a password thus preventing the emergency services being called out.

The alarm system is normally attached to a digital telephone dialer. When the alarm is triggered it prompts the digital telephone dialer to dial the central monitoring centre, transmitting a code that identifies the property and the nature of the incident. This means that the central monitoring centre can monitor a large number of properties over a wide area. It will take roughly 1 minute for knowledge of the intrusion to be registered at the monitoring centre.

Alarm system monitoring has many advantages over non-monitored systems. They will alert help when a protected door or window is broken. You can designate other numbers to be notified in the event of a problem such as neighbors or a work number if you are going to be away. Also, many monitored systems have a one-touch police alert pad in case you are inside when an intruder enters your property.



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