Security System Equipment

Extras motion and glass break detectors, and infrared sensors

Security system equipment

When buying security system equipment, the choice is wide and varied. Different packages include different forms of protection and its important to know before you begin looking what each component is and what it does.

The most important thing to remember is that, for your security system to work effectively, the alarm must cover the full area that you want protecting. The brain behind all the security system equipment is the control box. This is normally attached to a wall or inside a cupboard near an exit door. The control box consists of various wires and a circuit board, which monitor what’s happening in the rest of the system including the motion and glass-break detectors.

Motion detectors do just as their name suggests; they monitor movement within a specific area. They are linked to the control box and send a signal to this if motion is detected. There are two main types of motion detector. The simpler of the two is called a passive infrared motion detector (PIR). This works by monitoring the temperature of a room. If the temperature rises, this suggests a person has entered the room and so the detector will send a signal to the control box. More sophisticated is the Duel Tec motion detector. As well as monitoring the temperature, it also detects movement in a room. As you don’t want the alarm triggered every time Rover wanders through your lounge, it is possible to exclude animals from your motion detector. Depending on the system, it is possible to get immunity for an animal up to 100 pounds.

Another intelligent piece of security system equipment is the glass-break detector. Again, this does as it says on the packet but is pretty clever in the way it does it. Firstly, the detector ‘listens’ for the sound, inaudible to humans, that glass makes just before it breaks. It then ‘listens’ for the actual sound of the glass breaking. Once these two sounds have been detected it will alert the control box and trigger the alarm.



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