CCTV Security Systems

Effectiveness of Closed Circuit Television

CCTV Security systems

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is installed to deter and record criminal behavior and unwanted intruders. The presence of CCTV security systems acts as a remarkable deterrent for criminal behavior and allows increased potential for identification if a crime is committed.

TV shows such as The World's Dumbest Criminals use CCTV camera footage to catch criminals in the act and have raised a general belief in the value of monitoring public behavior.

Reports have shown that the effectiveness of CCTV security systems diminishes with time as the publicity, and therefore public awareness, of them is lessened. In fact, CCTV security systems are at their most effective at deterring crime before they are even operational as this is when the publicity of their installation is at its greatest. In order to maintain their effect, the footage taken from the cameras must be used to increase the amount of arrests made. There are still many uses for CCTV cameras after their function as crime deterrent has worn off. The police use town center CCTV cameras to ‘patrol’ the streets. They can monitor many streets and large amounts of public behavior, far more in far less time than a policeman on the street. They can then use the information to take an appropriate course of action and make an effective response to problems. Frequently, the film from a CCTV security system can help the police in their investigations. It can be used to clarify events and convict offenders.

The latest digital CCTV technology has meant the unclear, blurry images taken by the original CCTV cameras are truly a thing of the past. Pin sharp images that can be retrieved immediately are recorded without the need for tape. The latest motion controlled cameras record 360 degrees of activity. When an intruder enters the area, pictures are sent automatically down the phone line to the monitoring centre where the correct steps can be taken. Though public areas such as car parks and town centers are still not pleasant places to hang around at night, CCTV cameras have meant that the potential of becoming a victim of crime in those areas is greatly reduced.




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