Security Camera Systems

Considerations such as wireless systems

Security camera systems

Security camera systems are no longer limited to public buildings such as banks and hospitals. The recent increase in terrorist activity has inspired many people to install security camera systems in their homes. The 2003 bombings in Istanbul for example, have been responsible for doubling the security camera market in Turkey, taking it up to $1 billion annually.

As technology has improved and the cost of the equipment fallen, video surveillance has become a fairly common sight in both offices and private dwellings. In the workplace, the system usually consists of a number of cameras, not all of which will be visible. They are now available in such small sizes; they can be installed in light fittings, smoke alarms and even exit signs.

Camera security systems often operate through the use of remote monitoring, where someone at a different location watches the activity on the camera. Again, though this was previously used only by businesses or the wealthy, nowadays it enables parents to check up on a child left home alone, or observe the day-care of a younger child.

When you buy a security camera system for your home you will get the camera itself, cable, mounts and a monitor available in black and white or color, with the latter being the more expensive. If you don’t want the monitor to be visible, it can be linked to your usual TV or computer screen. It can also be linked to your video if you want to tape the findings.

There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a camera, the most important being how many cameras you want. The number of cameras you choose will depend on what area you want to survey. You also have the option of purchasing a color or black and white monitor. A color monitor will give clearer pictures but is little more expensive than its black and white cousin. You can also choose between wired and wireless systems. With wireless systems you have more choice over where the system is installed but the picture is not as high quality as hard-wired cameras. Whichever you choose, the camera needs to be installed somewhere with a reliable light source and power source.



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