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The UPS shipping company, otherwise known as United Parcel Service was founded in Seattle, USA approximately a century ago. Over the years the company has grown from strength to strength and today holds the title of the largest package delivery corporation around the globe.

UPS operates in over 200 regions worldwide and employs in excess of 350 000 people. The main core of the company is still located in the USA where the demand for delivery services is at its highest.

The company specializes in the delivery of parcels within states, between states and from locations within the USA to destinations around the world. The remainder of UPS branches are scattered around the globe, with a large portion being based in Europe and the United Kingdom.

UPS offers a wide range of services ranging from parcel and document delivery to portfolio services and business solutions. On the UPS website you can open up an online UPS account and select the service that is best suited to your needs.

Using rate and zone charts, you will then be able to calculate the total time and cost of sending goods to almost any destination around the world. As soon as the selected service has been paid for, goods will be collected from their point of origin and shipped by air, car, van and/or motorcycle to their destination. UPS shipping software then allows you to track the progress of your package at any time of the day or night.

UPS shipping also specialize in services for those who need to get their goods delivered in a hurry. The UPS Express Plus guarantees delivery before the start of business the day after you send your parcel, while the UPS worldwide express service offers delivery within one to two days at the most. Other services offered by UPS include UPS standard services, parcel tracking, UPS expedited services and UPS import specific services. The company also offers a supply service that allows consumers to order any UPS shipping supplies they may need online.

For more information on UPS shipping and the services they provide, log onto the UPS website.




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