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Professional shipping software enables customers and shipping companies to track shipments from the moment they leave their point of origin to the second they are delivered at their final destination.

Major shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS allow their customers to download shipping software solutions from their websites free of charge. In most cases, the only prerequisite for downloading the software is that you need to have an active account with the company in question.

Downloading shipping software usually takes between a few seconds to a few minutes. Once the software has been downloaded, you will then be able to take advantage of key features such as parcel tracking, label design and printing, up to date activity reports, export documentation and currency and language conversion tools.

In most cases, shipping software will track the whereabouts of parcels through bar coded labels that are scanned throughout the shipping process.

Bar coded labels can be purchased directly from suppliers, or they can be printed on your home printer using the templates that form part of most shipping software packages.

Bar-coded labels contain personalized information such as the destination address that a shipment is headed for, the return address and phone number of the shipper as well as the level of service that has been selected for the shipment. Each time the label is scanned, information about its whereabouts is imported to your account, e-mail address or phone so that you can always check the whereabouts of your goods.

If you are looking for a software program that doesn’t limit you to one shipping company or carrier, there are a number of systems on the market that can be purchased in CD form and loaded onto your home computer. Companies such as Harvey Software specialize in the manufacture and distribution of Computerized Parcel Systems (CPS). In most cases, these systems support the majority of major shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS and offer the latest in direct connectivity tools.

Once requirements have been entered into the system, the software will determine the most economical way for you to you ship your goods as well as the shipping company most suited to your individual shipping needs. As soon as you enter your shipping order into the system, data is sent to a shipping clerk who then forwards orders on to the appropriate shipping company. Labels and applicable documentation are printed and an e-mail detailing both the status of the order as well as tracking information is sent back to the system. Orders can be tracked from start to finish and status updates are regularly dent to the system.

For more information on CPS and the various systems available, visit the Harvey Software website.




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