Shipping Services - Standard Inclusions

Packers, Lists, Transport to CFS, Insurance

Professional Packers and Insurance Claims

While the shipping services offered by international shipping companies do tend to vary slightly, there are certain services that all professional shipping companies should be able to supply their customers with. These include the following:

Professional packing, sealing and labeling

Professional shipping companies will be able to provide you with a professional packing service should you desire it.

This service involves professional packers coming to your house or business with all the necessary supplies and packing, sealing and labeling all the goods that need to be shipped.

Detailed list of all items to be shipped

As part of the packing process, packers will create a detailed list of each and every item that has been packed for shipment. This list should describe items individually and include any damage or irregularities appearing on goods before they were packed. Before the goods are removed from your house, you will need to check and sign this inventory.

Loading of packed goods into containers

Once all the goods have been packed, the company should then load them into either a container in the case of a full container load (FCL) or directly into crates on a truck in the case of a less than container load (LCL).

For any extremely heavy items and goods that are fragile, the company should be able to supply a liftvanning service.

Transportation of goods to Container Freight Station (CFS)

Following packing and loading, the company should then transport the goodsto either the CFS for loading directly onto a ship, or in the case of LCL’s to an export warehouse for packaging. Delivery of the shipment straight to the CFS is usually cheaper, as most companies so not view the transportation of packages from export warehouses to port as part of their general shipping services.

Preparation of all necessary import and export documentation

As part of their shipping services, professional shipping companies should be able to prepare all necessary import and export documentation for you. To do this they will need your passport and the complete signed inventory of all goods that are to be shipped. In the case of vehicles, additional documentation and clearance certificates will also be needed before vehicles will be allowed to pass through customs. If you are looking to cut costs, then collecting your shipment and seeing it through customs yourself is recommended.

Payment of ocean freight charges

As a general rule,ocean freight charges will be covered by the shipping company that is shipping your goods. Some companies may call upon you to pay extra charges if clearance needs to be obtained to pass through additional ports en route to the port of destination.

Optional door to door delivery and unpacking of goods by local professionals

In the majority of cases, shipping companies will be able to arrange for your shipment to be delivered to your door and unpacked by a local shipping agency. The agency will then remove all boxes, containers and packaging and return shipping containers to port. This will usually be at an additional cost to that of the original shipment fees, but in most cases is more than worth the money.

Quick response to insurance claims if there has been any damage to goods

If you have selected a full destination service that includes packing and delivery, then insurance should be provided by the shipping company concerned.

If any of your goods have been lost or damaged during the journey, then the shipping service company should respond swiftly and facilitate the paying out of any outstanding claims.




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