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Types of freight shipping companies or
International freight shipping companies may appear to all be the same, but in reality they differ substantially with regard to the list of services that they offer and the means of transportation that they use. The company that you select to ship your freight should be based on the size and weight of the goods you require to be shipped; where the goods need to be shipped to and the speed at which you need the shipment to arrive at its final destination.

For the shipping of documents and relatively small packages and parcels, world leaders such as UPS and DHL are hard to beat. These freight shipping companies operate globally and specialize in the express delivery of goods, usually by road or air. Services range from domestic overnight delivery to express international delivery within one to three days.

All three companies also offer logistics planning services and brokerage services.

Possibly the only disadvantage to using a freight shipping company such as DHL and UPS is that in most cases weight and size restrictions apply to all packages. Due to the volume of orders passing through these companies on a daily basis, parcels exceeding certain restrictions may be rejected. If you are shipping a large shipment domestically or across one continent then it is best to use freight shipping companies that specialize in less than truck load (LTL) and truck load (TL) deliveries of freight.

LTL carriers typically specialize in the delivery of truck shipments weighing in excess of 150 pounds, while TL companies deliver full truckloads of goods that can still be shipped over a relatively short period of time. Companies such as Viking Freight and American Freightways operate under shipping giant FedEx and specialize in the quick delivery of freight by truck across the United States and Canada.

For the international shipment of large and heavy goods, it is best to use freight shipping companies that specialize in air and sea transport; such as China Shipping and Air World Express. Smaller items requiring urgent delivery can be shipped by air, while larger, heavier shipments can travel by sea either as part of a joint less than container load (LCL) or on their own in a full container load (FCL). China Shipping provides services including the storage, transportation and clearance of goods both within the United States and overseas. Air World Express offers worldwide transportation of ocean freight and air freight as well as domestic distribution of goods via air and ground.




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